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Hercules II upgrade for Wheelchair Lifts & Ramps

February 23rd, 2012  - Statham, GA - Wheelchair Lifts & Ramps, an online retailer of mobility lifts and ramps, is excited to announce their newest mobility lift, the portable unit upgrade for the Hercules II Vertical Platform Lift.

"Customers are taking their wheelchairs with them wherever they go these days, so now they need the option to take their vertical platform lift with them as well," says Vice President of Sales Tim Ziehwein. "This portable upgrade allows the Hercules II allows customers the freedom to take their favorite vertical platform lift with them no matter where they might need it."

The portable package modifies the Hercules VPL, making it now reconditioned for travel. The new portable package also includes an automatic ramp and safety pan for easy use.

"The ability to regain your mobility is priceless, which is why we’re excited to be now adding this portable unit to our ever growing catalog."

The Hercules VPL Portable Package is currently available and priced at $6,087.

About wheelchair Lifts & Ramps:

Wheelchair Lifts & Ramps is an online retailer of mobility lifts and ramps for the elderly and disabled. Their product listings include ramps, vehicle lifts, stair limbers, and much more. For more information, please visit their website at www.Wheelchair-lifts-ramps.com.


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